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Monday, May 03, 2010

31 Weeks and Counting!

So what would you do?

Move the big brother (he'll be 2 in July) into a new room since his current room is baby ready with all the accoutrements, such as changing table, glider/ottoman, etc? Big brother does NOT climb, sleeps like a dream and is a really easy going baby. Move him with his crib and get a new one for baby #3? Or move him into a toddler bed now? I am leaning toward getting another crib for the new baby and moving Aidan into a new room with his crib...why mess with a good thing, right? Besides, Em never even used a toddler bed-she went straight to a big girl bed at 2.6

So then comes decorating the big boy room! I'm thinking of a warm mocha/beige color on the walls. I have been looking on craigslist for a nice tall 5 drawer dresser, but haven't had any luck as of yet. It's a much smaller bedroom-can't fit much more besides a dresser and a crib. Then I would tie in some bold reds and blues to make it look like a big guy's room. Thoughts?

Some have told me to put them together in the same room. I think I will eventually, but not just yet. I remember what is to come-the hungry cry, the midnight blowouts that require lots of lights, spitting up and lots of time spent in the glider. OH, what fun! I should be more accepting of my long nights of tossing and turning with dear friend, TUMS. It'll soon be a distant memory.

I've started buying again. I got some adorable little man outfits from T.J. Maxx today and I cannot WAIT to dig out all the newborn stuff and get it washed and ready to go. That's why I need to figure out this room situation. It's driving me mad. But isn't this just the cutest bassinet you've ever seen? I really would love to get it! But then I remember that Chris and I like to put our babies in their cribs the first week they are home. Maybe that's why we have such amazing sleepers each time. But it is SO adorable!

Ok, opinions and advice please. What would you do? Move the bigger guy, right? Check out this nursery!? How do these people do it? I wish I had it in me. Let me go grab my TUMS.



Anonymous Amy said...

I have *no* idea how people have time to do stuff like that... clearly a first child :)

I think all of your ideas sound great!

1:10 PM  
Blogger bigyellow said...

Don't mess up a good thing- leave that sleeper be and move newborn when he is adjusted.
We had a hard time with our two girls in the same room (18 months apart) they were playing instead of sleeping. Those made for long days....

5:29 PM  

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