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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tales from the Traverse

So, we're totally getting used to our new Chevy Traverse LTZ and can't believe how great it suits our family of five! We've recently moved Emily to the third row and she loves it back there. She scoots on back between the seats in the second row, and is able to buckle her own seatbelt without a hitch. LOVE THAT! We keep two-thirds of the third row folded down so that we still have plenty of room for all of our baby accoutrements - especially the City Mini Double! I am able to fold that stroller up and down so easily and lift it ( only weighs 23 lbs!) into the Traverse, no problem!

One of my favorite features of the Traverse LTZ is the lift gate. When I'm putting my stroller/groceries/beach stuff into the car, I have so many options for opening and closing that rear door! There is a button on the door itself that I can press, so that I'm not reaching up and shoving it down with all my might, there is a button INSIDE of the car for opening and closing it as well. And let's not forget to mention the button on my key ring that sends that lift gate up and down as well. It's a fantastic feature for people on the go!

Ok, let's talk BLUETOOTH. I love it. First of all, it is the only safe way to talk and drive. I have a button on my steering wheel for answering calls and ending calls. When a call comes in on my Blackberry, the radio or DVD shuts down and the interior of my Traverse starts to ring! And guess what else-when the A/C is blasting, those fans turn down to low until the call is ended! There's even caller ID on the dash! How cool is that? The sound is amazing. No one has any trouble hearing me, like they do in the "other car". No static, no crackles, clear as a bell! Chevy has done a great job with the BLUETOOTH speakers. When we get incoming calls from Daddy or Grandma and Grandad, everyone can hear the conversation and the kiddos can say hello too! It's an awesome feature.

Did I mention my stereo speakers are BOSE? Me likey. Guess what they do-when I speed up and the road gets noisier, the stereo volume goes up! CRAZY! Also, no fancy car chargers needed in my Traverse. When my Blackberry battery is running low, I bring the adapter and plug it in to the center console so it can charge away! God, I LOVE my Chevy!

We're taking the Traverse down to Cape Cod tomorrow. Can't wait! It's such a plush, comfy ride for all of us!

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