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Monday, March 14, 2011


With spring just around the corner, and lots of athletes who are in training to raise money for amazing causes, I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you all about goodtwo.  Good friend, Bill Yucatonis, has come up with a genius idea to help individuals, groups and businesses raise money for their cause!  He's come up with a way for those who donate to get something good out of it too!  So much to tell you, let me just steal it from him:

For Fundraisers

Every day, millions of people visit group buying sites like CoupMe®, Groupon® and LivingSocial® to purchase great deals at local and national businesses. These sites offer discounts of 50% or more at restaurants, spas, shops and more. Group buying is hugely popular, and goodtwo™ has created a way for fundraisers to capitalize on it to raise money for their nonprofits, community groups and schools.
GoodTwo is a free fundraising platform that allows nonprofits, schools, community groups and individuals raising money for a cause to present fantastic deals on their own unique, dedicated page. GoodTwo provides all of the following benefits of a successful fundraiser with none of the risks:
It's Easy and Free. Fill out a simple form to build your own fundraising page, which includes your mission, goals and multimedia, such as photos and a video. Your page has a unique URL, making it easy and cost-efficient to spread the word through social media and email. Running the fundraiser is completely free.
You Benefit from Every Deal Sold. Every time a donor buys a deal from your page, a portion of the proceeds are donated toward your cause. Because GoodTwo is an online fundraiser and we handle fulfillment and customer service, it's simple to get the word out to your donor list. Just share the link to your page in as many places as you can - Facebook, Twitter, email, your website, etc. - and bring in the donors. We'll take care of the rest.
Everyone Wins. GoodTwo is the rare fundraiser that rewards both you and your donors. Your cause receives cash for every deal sold, and the donor feels good about getting a fantastic deal on something he or she wants. Once your fundraiser ends, you'll receive a check for the amount you've earned through your deals with GoodTwo. There's no charge to you - just pure profit for your cause and rewards for your donors.
Still have questions? Call us at (866) 249-8387 or email us at
I love that you can create a personalized webpage, share it with friends on facebook, twitter, and the web and set a goal!  You friends who make donations will love their coupons!  It's true, everyone wins!  So please check it out today, along with Coupme and Coupmom - you'll love the daily deals!  Thanks for checking it out and please pass it along to all your friends!  



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