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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sesuit Harbor Cafe: Dining Tips!

Best Lobster Roll Ever
Chris and I went out for dinner without the kids last Wednesday night while vacationing in East Dennis, MA.  We discovered the Sesuit Harbor Cafe, which is really just a cute little shack with a tiny kitchen.  But boy, is it a beautiful spot with some yummy eats. Grandma and Grandad liked it so much (they went there for lunch on Tuesday) that they had to go back for a second lunch together on Thursday.  Why mess with a good thing, right?

Here are a few important tips to consider before you go to the Sesuit Harbor Cafe:

1)  They don't accept credit cards, so bring your cash!  (or checks)

2)  They don't serve alcohol, but you can B.Y.O!  So we brought our own bottle of wine AND wine key.   We sorta wish we had packed a pair of wine glasses like some had.  Wine in plastic cups kinda makes me crazy.

3)  Go to the bathroom before you leave the house (unless you are a fan of port-a-potties) and we all know how that can go.  Chris was adventurous on our way out, but not me.  No way, Jose!

4)  Arrive on the early side.  We got there around 5:40pm and the line wasn't out the door yet.  (It gets BUSY!)  Got a great parking spot right out front, too.

5)  Is it just me, or is this list of tips sounding more like, why should I even bother?  Believe me, you NEED to check it out.  The views of the boats coming in and out of the harbor, the amazing seafood and the good ocean air are just a few reasons why you need to go.
Took a big CLAW off the top before taking the photo.  Oh, and I never like coleslaw.  Best coleslaw I've ever had!

Daddy's Oysters 
Sesuit Harbor
Outdoor Dining at Its Best!
A No-Frill Menu, Full of Good Eats!
I hear that the bakery is just as delicious as the raw bar!  The prices weren't terrible, considering you seem to get a whole lobster in their famous lobster roll!  We were also impressed with the FAST service!  We always love meeting new people and that we did as we shared our big picnic table with two Cape Cod locals.  Did you know there are 27 beaches in Dennis?  Anyway, if you're down on the Cape, the Sesuit Harbor Cafe is well worth a trip! You'll love it.  Just remember to go pee before you get there!
Oh Buoy!  

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