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Monday, March 08, 2010

Some Simple Pleasures

Chris and I (well, mostly I) drove around town this past weekend in our brand new 2010 Chevy Traverse LTZ. I can't even tell you how much I love driving this car! First of all, it is so sleek and comfy inside! The interior leather is this beautiful beige color, which is offset by an ebony dashboard and carpet. We've got a killer BOSE ten speaker surround system, XM Radio and XM Nav Traffic, OnStar (don't get me started-needs its' own post!), remote starter system, heated and COOLED seats, just to name a few!

Ok, ok, let me tell you about OnStar! So the OnStar people are SUPER friendly and helpful. Here's an example, "Well, hello there Mrs. Stow, how are you enjoying your new 2010 Chevy Traverse? It's a beautiful vehicle isn't it? Well, congratulations! Is there anyone else riding with you this morning who I need to say hello to?" What a greeting! So helpful, easy to understand, English speaking and just enjoying what they do! I feel like I have friends at my fingertips! I can press the OnStar button at anytime and get turn by turn directions to any location....they will quickly upload the maps and directions to my navigation system. If I get lost, or forget my phone, I can use the OnStar Connections to make hands-free calls! It's pretty amazing! I feel so loved and cared for! If I ever lock myself out of my Traverse, they can let me in! If I ever get in an accident or need emergency assistance, they will have immediate help sent to my car!! Isn't that amazing stuff?

Well, it was certainly "play outside" weather! On Saturday, I took it to Benny's to buy Emily a new bike. She picked out her Disney Princess Huffy with training wheels, we wheeled it out to the car and I pressed the power liftgate button. I one handedly put one side of the third row seats down (total piece of cake!) and lifted the new bike into the back! AMAZING! There's plenty of room back there! She sure does love her new bike! She looks so grown up!

I finally let Chris drive it on Sunday. He drove it to the car wash already! He had fun programming Bluetooth, adjusting his seat memory and playing around with XM Radio Favorites.

The DVD player is SO easy to operate....all at my fingertips in the dash! No more going in the middle row to poke around with buttons, and no more broken necks trying to work it from the front seats! So much to tell you about! Call me and I'll give you a ride sometime!

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