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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

34 weeks, 3 days

I had a follow up ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine yesterday at Newton Wellesley Hospital for little guy's renal pylectasis we are keeping an eye on. One kidney is totally fine and one has 7mm. of fluid-not too much of a big deal, very common in boys and usually clears itself right up after birth. The only thing he may need after birth is his own ultrasound to have it checked out.

It was great to see him again. He was moving all around like a beast, as usual. The tech said, "so who has the big head?" I blamed daddy. After the tech left the room, I was left staring at a screen with all these letters and measurements. The one that caught my eye said, "HC 40W4D". Another said, "FL 38W1D" and another was "ABD 37W4D" So nothing stating 34 weeks. YIKES! So Dr. Economy walked in and I said, "Does HC stand for HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE" She said, "Yes." I said, "WHOA. How am I going to get him out?" She said, "There's a lot of variation in these measurements, let's see what I get-but she got just about the same thing-maybe took 2 small days off the head circumference! Then came the usual questions, "How big were your other babies, etc". "So, you don't make small babies, this one will probably take the cake, we could induce a week early, etc" SCARY!!!!! So we left it like this, "See you again in 4 weeks to make a plan for after little guy's birth if you are still pregnant then."

So then, up I went to see Dr. Beatty. Told him my baby's estimated weight is already 7lbs. 2 oz. and he asked the same questions. He felt my belly and said, "Yes, he's big. You must feel more like someone who is 37 weeks." He said big babies tend to slow down growth at the end and little babies do a lot of catching up....hmmm. Then he got into how it takes a bit longer for boys' lungs to mature and he really isn't out of the woods in the lung dept. until 37 weeks. Ok, let's let him cook some more, but let's not let him cook until 40 weeks. 37 sounds great, doesn't it? Anyway, here he is. He has some honkin' cheeks. Can't wait until he's here!!! I hope he's listening to my plan for him. YOU ARE NOT COOKING UNTIL JULY 2nd, SORRY TOOTSE.



Blogger Kristen said...

Hey Anne Connelley/ Stowe...It's Kristen Riley/Levy. This is my first comment ever on facebook. Just read about your latest baby and about being induced etc. Just want to tell you that I was induced 1 week early, my ob thought he was going to be too big. It was the greatest esperience. All went very well. Pitocin at 8 a.m., baby at 4:31 p.m. perfect!!! No worries if that's the case! I had the best birthing experience and can't wait to do it again!!!!!

9:10 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Hey Kristen-
How ARE you? I know, I would LOVE to be induced. Water broke with Emily and I was given pitocin for her and things went great! But with Aidan, he just came super fast and things were chaotic. Would love to avoid chaos. Where are you living these days? We should get our kiddies together when things settle down a bit! Hope all is well!

7:18 AM  

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