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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ups and Downs

Wow, today started out great.  I had my amazing sitter coming, so we were all up and at 'em.  I was showered, kids all dressed and fed, I was looking forward to my Dunkin Donuts run and I even showered! Aidan had even worn some big boy, hand-me-down underwear for an hour or so before I got the call-"Mommy, I peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!"  Feeling so accomplished and under control!  Two minutes before show-time, Emily decided to not listen to her mommy (shock horror!) and go upstairs and run around like a lunatic.  She managed to coerce her little brother to do the same.  30 seconds later, both kids are crying AND bleeding.

They ran into each other.  Emily's knee collided with Aidan's mouth.  NG.  The baby started crying.  It was loud.  VERY loud.  Enter amazing baby-sitter.  This has gotta look fantastic.......

So we soaked up the blood, put a Band-aid on the knee and passed out the popsicles.  Amazing baby-sitter tended to the baby.  "Am I ever going to get out of here this morning?"

Well, I finally did.  I escaped for a few hours.  Dunks, gas, bank, Bertucci's, Borders, Stop & Shop.  Wow!  A woman with a mission.

I came home to an immaculate kitchen and family room, happy, fed children and nap time.  Glorious.   God, I love my amazing baby-sitter.  She then fed little Owen a bottle and put the other two to bed.  Did I mention she's amazing?

I enjoyed my quiet time this afternoon.  Wrote some thank-yous and had some good cuddles with my babe.

The kids had fish sticks and veggies for dinner.  Aidan told me, "I put my beans in the bucket, ok?"

It's Tuesday night and there's nothing on t.v.  I've got a glass of pinot grigio by my side and my new books.  Books?  WOW!  It's been a long time.  Which one should I start first?

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Blogger Susan said...

Both are her and have read both. she has a new one out that I hope to pick up this weekend. If I remember correctly Castaways was addicting! Enjoy!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Preppy Sue said...

Ooh, I'm reading the Castaways right now. Which one did you start?

3:22 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Castaways! :)

3:25 PM  

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