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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Welcome Fall

Well, here we are September 7th, 2010.  Where did the summer go?  We took the Traverse down to Tiverton on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day with warm winds blowing off the water after Earl passed through.  (Nothing much happened after all the hype!)  My brother-in-law and his wife (can I call her my sister-in-law?)  were also up visiting for the weekend for their one year anniversary!  We all went to Evelyn's for a yummy lunch.  Such a great spot on Nanaquaket Pond. Why it is called a pond, I don't know.  Looks like the ocean to me.  I had the clam strip plate and a couple of Blueberry Storms!  Yumminess.  The kids had ice cream for dessert and luckily, Emily couldn't finish hers, so I got to help :)

Aimee and Michael at Evelyn's

The rest of the weekend was uneventful.  We tried to buy a Canon Rebel SLR, but Best Buy wouldn't cooperate.  Boo hiss.  They gave us some run around about not being able to finance it the way we liked because we were short $3.00.  I'm really interested in trying my hand at photography, and there's no better time than when the 3 littles are running around the place, right?  So everyone tells me I can't go wrong with the Rebel.  Looking to see if I can get the XsI (older model, cheaper price) or if I should just get the latest and greatest T1I.  Someday soon I hope.  Any advice for beginners learning to use an SLR is much appreciated!

My cutie pie
So this morning was Em's first day at Oak Hill for the year.  She was up and at 'em! Awesome.  Since we were up and out early, I decided to take the boys over to Legacy Place for a walk around.  I've never really gone there to wander!  Started out at the Apple store (big sale going on, Daddy wants a MACpro), so I thought I would check things out.  Owen started crying and Aidan was fussing, and I got total 'tude from a salesperson.  NG.  I asked her about password issues with my Applecare disc and she was all up in my mix telling me I don't need the disc.  I told her that other Apple (aren't they called CARE people?) had told me to come in and they would help me out and fix it.  NO, she insisted that I don't need any usernames or passwords.  OK.  Thanks for caring.  We left and I fed Owen and we attempted the store again.  This time, more 'tude, but from someone else.  I asked about the sale and he was in no way ready to help me with my Barclaycard.  So out we went.  The only good thing about that Apple store was the kind customer who helped me with the doors to get in and out.  We both agreed that it was an intense atmosphere and it was best to get out!  Owen stoppped crying the minute we got outdoors and I wanted to walk around some more, but Aidan persisted that we go back in the Traverse to watch movies.  Hilarious.  Like I said, I've never gone there to wander. Will I ever get the chance?

Chillaxin' in the tub!
Came home, threw spaghetti bolognese in the crock pot in record time and then it was time to go get Emily again.  I'm so not used to all this schlepping.  And the schlepping will continue.  I hope I can get back into a groove soon.  Today was STRESSFUL.  Definitely would have been easier to go to work this morning.  This is a whole different ball of wax!  

It's quiet here.  All 3 are asleep.  Why am I still watching Sprout?  Because my 4 year old told me to, "LEAVE THE TV ON AND DON'T CHANGE IT!"  and I didn't want to chance her hearing me switch it off.  She thinks she'll wake up when she hears her favorite show come on.  Do I dare?

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Anonymous Amy said...

Seriously... can your children be any cuter? Adorable! ...and anyone who says that you're "just home with the kids" can get a swift kick. I've never been more exhausted than days I'm home... and I only have two!

9:54 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Thanks, Amy! Only have two-c'mon now! You must be the most devoted, hardest working mom I know! Glad you guys are doing so well!!!! Wouldn't Story Land be awesome for them next summer?!

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Annie

2:22 PM  

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