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Friday, March 25, 2011

My Spirits Have Been Lifted!

I have spent countless hours this week, researching homes in the town of Dennis, MA. on Cape Cod.  We figured, it's the closest, most convenient location for a family beach vacation where we can "get away from it all."  And after the winter we've had, that's just what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of doctors, well that's what I've found.  A gem of a house located on Doctor Lords Rd. in East Dennis, MA.  I had emailed and inquired and phoned so many owners and realtors that I was really beginning to confuse myself.  So I started from scratch on this afternoon and began the process of narrowing the search.  I thought we'd end up further from the ocean, having to drive down and drop off.  But I did better than that.

The one that popped up today was a new one.  I hadn't seen it earlier in the week. When I first called the number on the website, the woman said, "Oh that's weird, we don't have any information for that home.  We work with homes in Sonoma."  "Oh, that IS weird," I suggested. "There's no Sonoma, Cape Cod."

I finally tracked the correct realtors down at  What a fabulous website.  This website shows you some beautiful homes situated close to the water in some of the best towns on the Cape.  I was in touch with Blake Decker (with a name like that, his houses must be nice, right?)  Blake told me that this week just came on because they had a cancellation.  SCORE!

Annie's Beach House
A/C in all the bedrooms, views of the ocean and 50 steps to the sandy beach just east of Corporation.  It's a gorgeous home, in a quaint little neighborhood of East Dennis.  My kids can take naps and we can wander to and from the house all day long.  I AM SO EXCITED!  My favorite beach on Cape Cod, especially at low tide when you can walk for ages in warm tidal pools before hitting the water's edge.  My kids are going to have a ball!

Satellite view

I haven't stayed a week on Cape Cod since I was about 10 years old.  Where did the Connelleys vacation?  You guessed it - Dennis.  Heck, my parents managed to take the 6 of us on vacation every year to Cape Cod to a cottage on Sunset Lane, near West Dennis Beach.  It's where I broke my arm in August when I was seven years old.  It's where Jim got lost on his bike and was escorted home by the Dennis Police in a cruiser.   Let's hope to stay clear of Cape Cod Hospital and the police departments of Cape Cod this time around.

I can see the light and the frozen concoctions at the end of the tunnel!  Watch out, Cape Cod - another Traverse Travel awaits!  Stay tuned!

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