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Friday, June 17, 2011

Got Juice?

Well, summer is here.  Well, almost.  School is out on Thursday for us.  But I only work half days.  Oh, and I took a personal day on Monday.  So 3 half days left.  1 and a half full days until I am home with the children all summer long.  We'll all be looking for some fun things to do with our beloved children and things to do without our beloved children while they're at camp or with a sitter.  Sitter?  During the summer?  Yes.  Guilt-free mommy time.  Plenty to be had.  Cue music and enter Juice in the City!  Think Living Social, Groupon, Eversave, etc. What a concept!

Juice in the City will soon be launched (mid July) in Beantown.  They are a unique deals site built up for and by moms!  All the deals are sourced by moms as well, and moms sure do know what we're all looking for, so it's going to be great!  Whether it be a mani/pedi, a deal on a kids' top-rated show in town or someone to come in and clean our kitchens, you'll want to keep up with these amazing deals!  And I'm sure we could all use a little local date night deals, right?  Especially when a local mom is recommending!  

Juice in the City is committed to saving local.  They value a mom's time at home, he hard earned money and the community of local businesses.  And you know, they're currently hiring!  Couldn't you use a few extra bucks working from home?  You may want to become an LBC for Juice in the City Boston!  If you want a flexible work schedule so that you can spend more time home with your children, you may want to apply!  You'll become the local hero bringing more deals to other moms like yourself!  
So, I'm totally pumped for Boston's launch of Juice in the City.  Well, they hired me to bring you the deals, so you'll want to stay tuned all summer long so that you are the first to know about all the amazing LOCAL deals headed our way.  The deals will be quick and changing all the time, so you'll have to be on your toes to keep up with us!

The first thing you'll need to do is subscribe to their emails so that you don't miss any of the super deals coming our way.  You'll also want to join their facebook page and follow them on twitter @jitcboston.  And have you joined my friend connect yet?  You'll probably want to do that too!  ------>

Watch here to find out a little bit more about how Juice in the City is doing it's thing in Cali.  Being an LBC looks super fun and flexible.  A great way to bring in some extra cash for the fam!  It may be just the thing you're looking for!

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