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Friday, August 26, 2011

Topnotch Resort & Spa: Stowe, VT

Last week, the Traverse took the Stow family up north to Stowe's Topnotch Resort & Spa.  We were looking for a last minute getaway that would be enjoyable and maybe even a little relaxing.  Traveling with three under 5 however, proves to be no small feat.  I did get a good few hours in at the spa, which was heavenly, but we've already decided that we need to go back to Stowe very soon and leave the kids with Grandma and Grandad....there is just so much to enjoy up there and it would be that much better without the kids.  However, Stowe has tons of fun family activities, but with missed naps and tired parents, things did get a bit tricky at times.  

Indoor Pool Area with Hot Tub & Sauna 
But let's focus on our home away from home in Stowe.  Topnotch was nothing less.  We had a spacious executive level hotel room with 2 double beds, vaulted ceilings and lots of space for Owen's "packy," along with the kids' toys and a very large suitcase.  We loved the large plasma t.v., the complimentary newspaper of choice at our door each morning, and a lovely turndown service each night with Lake Champlain Chocolates.  YUM.  The ultra-purified water hit the spot after our outings and I loved the June Jacobs spa collection body products; especially the grapefruit shower gel! Oh, and let's not forget the Wi-Fi, a must have for this mommy blogger!

Beautiful Lounge Area :  Cozy Apres Ski
Norma's Restaurant Outdoor Seating
Fitness Studio
Bar Area Lounge
The hotel is simply, topnotch.  We loved the elegance and beauty of the entire place, but the outdoor areas and the breathtaking mountain views as our backdrop were amazing.  Especially at night when the fires were ablaze! It's a beautiful spot.

The resort also offers a one-of-a-kind tennis academy for kids and adults.  (It looked fun!)  We can't wait for the kids to try it out when they are a bit older!

We love summer and I had never been to the mountains in the summer months before.  It was splendid.  But we can't wait to get back (maybe even with our three lovely children) and get them on skis.  Better yet, fall foliage and Octoberfest is just around the corner which would be a  great excuse to get back even sooner! Topnotch Resort and Spa was a tranquil oasis. Topnotch.

Photographs © 2011 Anne C. Stow, all rights reserved.
-Thank you to Topnotch Resort and Spa for providing us with such wonderful accommodations.  



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