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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stowe Mountain Resort: Summer Attractions

After missing our carriage ride at Trapp Family Lodge, we decided to head over to Spruce Peak at Stowe to spend the day at their summer attractions, located at the base of Mount Mansfield.  We were glad that we had driven the Toll Road the day before because we felt like we couldn't have jammed it all into one afternoon.  The kids were having WAY too much fun!
Vermont's highest peak offers tons of fun.  First, we took the eight passenger gondola ride to the summit of Mount Mansfield.  I had never before been to the mountains in the summer, so I really enjoyed myself.  The views were spectacular.  You can pack a picnic or enjoy lunch on the summit at the Cliff House Restaurant.  

Alpine Slide!

I did manage to get on my first ever ride on the alpine slide!  Whew!  That was so much fun and Aidan and I went really fast.  He really enjoyed the ski lift ride up to the top too.  So different in the summer!  And boy was I envying all the beautiful couples dining on the veranda of The Cottage at Stowe Mountain Golf Club as we drove away at sunset.  I was ready to ditch the kids and get my cocktail on.  Absolutely breathtaking.  Next time, next time...

Happy Girl

We all know Emily loves to jump!  Her favorite attraction was the bungee trampolines.  You only have to be 20 lbs. to take advantage of the fun!  (Owen even could have bounced!)  Believe, me I was tempted to try it myself.  The inflatable obstacle course was really fun for Emily too!

So the resort was absolutely killer, with building and renovations still taking place in some of the residences.  I couldn't leave without checking out the place.  Yes, it's pricey.  High season (such as skiing on MLK weekend) in a room with a queen bed and pull out couch could could cost you up to $799/night!  During the summer, that same room goes for about $269/night.  But they did mention that they often have last minute deals online and rates can be super reasonable if you are able to escape mid-week.  Chris and I cannot wait to get the gang on skis. This might just be our winter.  They even have ski valet service ~ where your ski gear is never seen once you call it quits for the day!

King Bed with Soft, Organic Linens
Balcony View from Interior of Stowe Mountain Lodge

So if you are looking for a high end ski vacation that's just up the road (just 3.25 hours from Boston), I highly recommend Stowe Mountain Resort.  Oooooh, La La!   And if you have the chance next summer, it's so worth the trip!  
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclosure:  We were given an All Day Attraction Family Pass to facilitate this review.  Many thanks to

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