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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big Doin's

Aidan Christopher Stow was born on July 13, 2008 at Newton Wellesley Hospital. It all began in the afternoon at 2:22 p.m. when I felt my first mild contraction on the way to Bubbling Brook for some yummy ice cream with Emily and Daddy. I wasn't so sure if they were contractions, but they were mild and were coming about every 15 mins. When we got home they started to pick up a bit in intensity and I called Mom and Kath to let them know. Kath told me "you better call just in case! What if there's traffic? Are you gonna go in?" So at 5:30p.m. I called the hospital and they asked what number child it was and to "come on in!" So we packed up the rest of the "GO BAG", took some last minute pictures with Emily and were off to NWH.We arrived at about 6:30p.m. and went straight up to L&D where they put me on the monitors and asked the usual million questions. Sure enough, I was contracting. They gave me a gown after about 20 mins. and moved me into the next room to be checked. Betty was my first nurse and she was amazing. 6+ cm. and ready! After she checked me, the contractions really picked up and were pretty unbearable coming every minute. We had already discussed my fear of not being able to get my epidural, so we put a mad rush on that! They were scaring me with all the talk about needing a half hour to fill me with fluids on the IV before I could get my epidural. As they wheeled me down to my delivery room, the pain was super intense. Coming fast and strong. Got to my bed, met Brandy, my delivery nurse, and got set up and ready to go. Brandy was frantic getting the warming bed ready, calling Dr. McKinnon to let her know where we stood, etc. Then I got my epidural. This time I got it during major contractions lying down in the bed in the cannonball position. OUCH! But the cramping let up pretty quickly. Kath and Mom were on the phone with Chris saying they were coming in. We told them to drive fast or they wouldn't make it according to Brandy. I couldn't believe it. I was like, "are you sure?" So Brandy told me to let her know when the pressure got really bad and it felt like I had to take a giant poop. I was like, "ummmm, pretty much NOW." So she checked me and I was indeed 10 cm. right after the epidural at about 8pm. Kath and Mom finally popped in the room and Dr. McKinnon came in dressed for what Mom called, "deep sea fishing."

The pain was SO bad. I didn't feel a bit of relief down below. Felt like I was going to rip in two at the seams. Brandy kept telling me to "stay with it, stay on top of it, don't waste it!" There was no rest for the weary. No laying down between pushes, no relaxing, no posing for pictures at this point. I told everyone in the room, "I DON'T THINK I CAN DO THIS!" It was that bad. They also told me not to vocalize because that would "waste it". Uggggh! So I kept on pushing but felt so out of control. Out of control in every possible way. I was mad at my positioning in the bed, I hated where my legs were, and the pain SUCKED! I thought I had an epidural!? So they kept telling me what to do and when Dr. McKinnon said, "there's the head, do you see it?" I was like, alrighty folks, let's do this. The pain was so bad and I just kept pushing. Felt like he ripped right through me for sure. I didn't really see him come out, but I sure felt it. And Dr. McKinnon was the one to call "It's A BOY!" Of course he's a BOY! No sweet little girl would come that fast and furious! I remember thinking to myself, "I am NEVER doing this again as long as I live." He was born at 8:52p.m. and Brandy told me I could have started pushing about a half hour earlier, but she was holding off so that the cheering squad would make it! Funny now that the name Aidan means "little fiery one." Aidan Christopher Stow was 8lbs. 5oz. and 21 inches long.

I got to hold my warm little bundle straight away and he was a beauiful baby. I didn't cry a tear, I was just so relieved to have him OUT. I kept saying "ahhhh, I feel so much better." We took some pics and text messaged the world with the news and no one could believe how fast he arrived. My tear was pretty good and he even managed to rip my urethra. I got sewn up while the cheering squad ran over to the warming table. Then came the "baby shakes". Never had those with Emily either. I was shaking all over uncontrollably and Brandy said it was normal. My body was on overdrive (ya think?) and just calming down from all the action. The I got a turkey sandwich and a giant chocolate chip cookie because I was starving! I was moved to my post partum room pretty quickly and all the nurses in the hall said, "Boy, you didn't stay too long! You look GREAT!" I guess that's the plus side of a quick look fab. As if!
We were all moved in before 11p.m. Isn't he cute? Well worth it I'd say. We love him to pieces and are so blessed to have a girl and a boy!



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