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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Break: Part I

Elmo's Green Thumb

On Saturday morning, we headed into Boston to see Elmo Live:  Elmo's Green Thumb at Boston University's Agganis Arena.  Super cute show.  It was almost a no-go, thanks to UPS, who somehow managed to LOSE our overnight package of tickets?  Really?  But thanks to Scott T. at WCVB and one hell of a brother-in-law, we managed to get those tickets in our hands!

Oh, how I loved being a part of the Comm. Ave. scene again.  Totally crazy to be walking in front of Student Health Services and SFA with 3 kids in tow.  Even weirder to take them to T's Pub for lunch and have Aidan take his first public poop there!  Oh, the sands of time!  I had my first Sam Summer of the season and chatted with Carol, who used to work in the kitchen with Steve.  No Steve, but we had fun reminiscing about the old days.  I love that place.  T's will always put a smile on my face.  Parking ticket for expired inspection sticker on my Traverse, however, will not.

Falmouth Heights Beach

Teaticket Playground
On Sunday, we headed down to Falmouth to stay overnight with Nana and Pat.  I skipped my 26.1 mile run and opted for more Sam Summer (Are you sensing a vacation trend here?), but this time at Liam Maguire's in downtown Falmouth.  To think Owen has already frequented such wonderful bars at the tender age of 9 months!

I found the most adorable high-end clothing boutique in downtown Falmouth as well. It's called Caline and is chock-full of the most adorable little boys' and girls' clothing. I mean, to die for.  Pricey, for sure, but they have a clearance room in the back, with lots of good finds there as well.  Labels included Tea, Hartsrings, Luna Luna, Flowers by Zoe, Pinc Premium, and CR Kids - just to name a few.  The store is so worth a good browse the next time you are in Falmouth!  I got some really cute things for Em!

Today, we went to a free concert at the Thacher School in Attleboro to see the ever popular Toe Jam Puppet Band.  Emily loved it, Aidan was over-tired (as was Mommy) and Owen liked it up until he got hungry.  I will say, they are much more fun to see on stage at the Orpheum in Foxboro where the acoustics are far better than a school atrium!  If you missed it, they are playing again this Thursday morning at the Orpheum, but you'll have to pay for tickets there.  Came home and we all napped at the same time.  That's right folks, even Mommy got a nap in!

April vacation is off to a spectacular start!  Let me go crack open a Sam Summer.

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