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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More on Running

Yes, I am a moron running.  I run so slow.  I run slower than most people can walk.

But I have been running.  Not far, but I'm still at it.

Bathing suit season is upon us.  We went to the beach twice this weekend, but I don't have any photos to prove it because I won't pose for the camera in my suit.

The breastfeeding days will soon be over and the margarita/beer season seems to be in full force, so something must be done.

Running in the heat of the day sucks.  I will not get up at 5am and run.  However, my goal is to run 3 times/week.  Can I do this?  Will I be able to keep it up all summer long?  Can I lose the bulge?  The muffin top? The love handles?

If I sign up for a 5K in the fall, I think I will keep at it.  But I will not run a 5K at 10am in July.  It just ain't happening.

Is anyone else trying something new to get in shape - maybe lose 5 to 10 lbs?  Do you believe in dieting?  Not me....I can just make better choices.  Like, the clam strip plate I had for lunch at Evelyn's Drive In yesterday afternoon.  (Well, I did opt for the small.  Does that count?)  Oh, and I didn't have ANY Gray's Ice Cream)

Lots of people are trying the Couch to 5K Plan.  I am doing my best to not over-exert myself and walk before I exhaust myself.  I seem to be getting better and going longer distances before needing to walk for a minute. The walk for a minute trick is pretty good though.  It's just enough time to catch your breath and run again. Some of the hills near my house though are killer.  Damn you, hills!

I have 3 motivators that keep me going:  (Is this normal??)

  • My buddy Kevin M. (almost like a little prayer for strength and courage when I'm clearing my brain and doing some deep thinking.....)  If he can do what he's doing so courageously, I can run a little bit.  Maybe I can run FAR for Kevin one day. 
  • I gave birth 3 times.  I can run a little bit.  Is running harder than giving birth?  Could be...
  • Dad.  Dad would want to be on his boat enjoying the sunshine, enjoying a cold one.  Run for Dad. Run a little harder and a little longer.  He gets in my head and tells me I can do it...

What keeps you going?  Who motivates you to keep on running?



Blogger Tillerman said...

Good for you! I can (just) remember when I started running (at about your age) and how hard it was at first. Keep it up and it gets easier. Well, not always easy. I did 11 miles today in the heat of the middle of day. Not easy, but it feels good to to have done it.

Talking about running morons, there is a blog called The Running Moron, "a chronicle of one idiot's rise from couch potato to 5K races, half marathons and beyond.."

5:35 PM  

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