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Saturday, February 04, 2012

When to Wax

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You already know I have (a) bushy eyebrows.  Ya, it's really one.  It's really OK because as a kid, I used to see it all the time.  Every six weeks or so, my mom could be found stirring up some wax in the kitchen in the bottom of a blue Maxwell House coffee can.  She would usually be singing, "Beauty school drop out..." and proceed to the bathroom.  Then my older sister got involved.  The bathroom door would close, but I liked to peek in to see what all the nonsense was about.  The two of them would be making super funny faces in the mirror, applying what I thought was glue to their faces.  Then bloody hell, the laughter and shreiking would begin.  And then they would say to me, as I looked on, panic-stricken, "You'll have to do this too someday, don't worry!"


Well, as I got older, waxing was totally normal.  As a teenage girl, with a big sister in the know, no one in my house was going to let me walk the halls of high school with one eyebrow.  I thanked the heavens above when an Elizabeth Grady, opened up right in my hometown.  No coffee can stirring for this girl.

So then the big sister would sometimes start rubbing my upper lip when we'd be out shopping or driving somewhere together, just to piss me off, like any good big sister does.  Ya, real nice, right?  I'm a fair skinned girl, so it really couldn't have been that bad.  That's what I like to tell myself.  I'm really just not that hairy.  So I took the abuse for a while, thought she was crazy for trying to persuade me I was hairy in that specific location and listened to my mom.  "She's fine!  She doesn't have anything there!"

Well, as the years went on and I started putting on make-up some days (at the age of 26), I did start to notice a funny fuzz that could be seen if you looked close-up or in a super duper magnifying make-up light.  So that was when I first gave in and de-fuzzed the upper lip area, or my 'stache.   I don't do it all the time, probably about 4 times per year.  But when I do, I love it and I can't stop rubbing it with my fingertip!  I just love how smooth and soft it is, and I especially love it in the summer time.  It makes me feel prettier and I like how my little bit of make-up looks after a fresh wax!  No more peach-fuzz for this girl.

No pain, no gain.  Upkeep is important.  It's the most hurtiest, owiest place a girl can be waxed ~ in my opinion.  I feel pretty today.  Thanks, sis.  I'm so glad you clued me in.  Every time I see a mad 'stache on a woman, I'm grateful.  Ladies, it might be your time.



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