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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Living with a Princess

Since we've gotten home from WDW, Emily has been playing make believe with her princess figurines and her Disney characters. ADORABLE. She has even made her own make shift castles and palaces. But she still loves to dress up. Now, she is getting her charming prince even more involved...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Traverse giggles

Monday, April 26, 2010

Measuring Ahead Continues

I had my 30 week OB appointment today. NO weight gain this time-thank you Disney World theme parks! I'll toss that up to all the walking we did last week! Blood pressure was great at 110/60 and the big guy's heart rate was 134. Squirming ALL over the place during the ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine. I didn't get to see Dr. Robinsen (Boo hiss!), but I did meet Dr. Economy. I was going to make some jokes about her name, but I held back. She was very nice and informative. Baby's kidneys still have an extra 1 mm. of fluid, which is almost normal. She said she tried her very best to measure it at 4, but it's just over. She said there will most likely be no follow up with this at birth, unless in 4 weeks time at my next ultrasound the fluid increases. I asked for some proof that it's a boy and she pushed around and got him to move so that I actually did get to see the goods. Saw the scrotum and the penis! Woohoo! So I get to see him again in 4 weeks, yay!

I saw Dr. Simmons next. God, I love her. She has knee surgery scheduled for later this week and will be out for 2 weeks. I really hope it's a speedy recovery for her for selfish reasons! She told me that rapid birth is no longer a medical reason for induction and they are getting strict on the 5th floor about that. YUCK! She said they scheduled some women today for inductions at 41 weeks and they were all sent home!!!!! YIKES!!!!! But this guy is still measuring 3.5 weeks ahead of schedule. They say he's in the 92nd percentile and already weighs between 4 and 5 pounds!!!!! Let's just hope it's all in the thighs!

Can't wait to meet this little bugger. Dying to have him in my arms and slobber him with kisses.


Daddy Loves A Clean Chevy!

After 2,858 miles in just one week, the Traverse was ready for a full-on detail. Who else to do the job, but Daddy? We all know he likes to keep things neat and tidy-same goes for the Chevy Traverse. He got right to work on Sunday afternoon. He got her all squeaky clean and looking brand new again. He even put bottled waters in the cup holders for my passengers. HILARIOUS. Looks really good. You'd never even know it was our home on the road for 4 days by the looks of it. SPOTLESS! Thanks, Daddy!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Made It!

Can't believe how amazing the kids did during our travels. No wonder I'm having a third! The Traverse was so nice to drive. We were so comfortable on the road. The big gas tank was awesome! We could go 400 miles before filling up again! The last thing you want to do with sleeping kids is stop and get more gas!

We used the air conditioned seats for the majority of the trip. Felt awesome on our tooshies. We had so much cargo space for our food, toys, books, luggage-you name it! The DVD player kept the kids occupied for hours on end. Mommy still can't get over how comfortable the front seats are. I LOVE the length of the seats for us tall folks!!!!!

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Royal Storybook Dining

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

On day one in WDW, we jumped on the Disney Bus, easily folded up our new stroller for the ride and arrived at the Downtown Disney location. We signed in and were told to wait a few minutes. Just then, one of the fairy godmothers pulled us aside in the dressing room and told us that Cinderella had been looking for Emily. Cinderella wanted Emily to sit in the store front window and get transformed into a princess for all to see. It was such a special treat for all of us!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Magical Moments

Here are some highlights from our trip to Disney World. We had a wonderful time and we wish we didn't have to come home so soon.

Keep following us as we make our way back to New England...

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Traversin' it to Florida Photos: Part I

The Traverse is packed!

Watching movies with our headphones!


Pee break in Georgia!

Hangin' by the pool

84 degrees in the water!

Check out my shades

Swimmy, Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim!

Snackin' like a big boy

Thinking of staying another week...

Emily makes friends everywhere she goes. This is Mary, the same Mary who gave us a ride on her golf cart yesterday!



Generally, having a BLAST!

Mama's boy

The Traverse looking good in Leesburg. And it's not the only one in Pennbroke Pines-Mommy spotted a black one in the neighborhood yesterday. Smart people...

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Royal Treatment

The Disney Store offered a way to make our trip to Walt Disney World even more special for the kids. Last Wednesday evening we set out for the Emerald Square Mall's Disney Store and had a fantastic time perusing the store with the kids. They spoiled us rotten and we are very grateful. Emily is in love with her Ariel wedding gown and has decided that is the dress she will wear to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique tomorrow afternoon! Thanks again Disney Store and especially Kelly and all the cast members who made our night so special!

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Traversin' it to Florida

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Magic Beans Saves the Day

After the trials and tribulations of much stroller research we came across the Baby Jogger City Mini at Magic Beans. They are the only retailer in our area that carries all the strollers we were interested in for our trip to Disney World. Eli Gurock, the founder of Magic Beans, is a stroller guru. He listened to us and recommended this stroller based on our family's needs. We can't wait to go back and check out all the cool gear at his store before Baby #3 arrives. Check back soon to see the stroller in action at Disney. For now, here's a video of us picking up the stroller:

We wish Eli good luck tomorrow as he runs his first Boston Marathon for Children's Hospital. He raised close to $10,000! Go Eli!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Doin's

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Anticipation......

Is always so exciting. Sometimes even more exciting than the trip itself!

I tried to hide the Pop-Tarts. (They were on sale, people!!!)

Felt so good to shop for Aidan today (something I rarely do since he lives in a world of hand-me downs.) But just think, little #3 can wear these cute duds too!

And now, back to regularly scheduled report cards. (Igo reading ladies, I hope I'm the one ahead this time!!!)

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Friday, April 09, 2010

28 Weeks

I had my 28 week appointment yesterday. Had to gulp down the yummy Glucola on the way for my gestational diabetes blood test. The good news is that I passed! The bad news is that my iron is a little low and I have to start taking an iron supplement (once again.) Slow FE here I come. Heartbeat sounded great, blood pressure was 120/70 and I gained 3 lbs. since my last visit. So far, I am up 19 lbs, which is a lot for me. With both Emily and Aidan I only gained about 20 lbs. I feel like a rhino!

The only weird thing about yesterday's appt. was that I'm measuring 3-4 weeks ahead according to my fundal measurements, which I'm not so sure is very accurate. Anyway, Dr. Simmons has scheduled an ultrasound for Monday afternoon to check things out and see if my fluid level is ok, etc. I'm thinking I just have one huge, honking boy growing in there. But everyone knows I'm expecting a Junebug!!!! I'm so rooting for an early arrival this time! I'm very excited to see the little man again on Monday.

Both Emily and Aidan are sick. Aidan has a terrible fever and cold type thing going on and Emily has a cough/cold situation as well, just without the fever. Let's hope it stays that way. Poor Aidy was 103.2 last night and we are piggybacking the Motrin and Tylenol to keep his fever at bay. When he heats up he is miserable-poor little thingy. This sickness is welcome to mosey on out of here any time-we have a vacation to go on!

Speaking of vacation, I made some reservations at Disney last night. Emily is all set for a princess up-do at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Downtown Disney on our first day there. Then, we are scheduled for dinner with the princesses in Norway, in Epcot that same night. So we're thinking Emily can go to dinner dressed up as a princess herself! The second night, we will be eating at the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian. And finally, on the last night, we have a reservation at The Wave. You know we love seafood! Still hoping to get into Chef Mickey's, so Mommy will just keep calling!

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

One Week To Go!

Not many more sleeps now until we leave on our Disney adventure. Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with two local Disney panelists from the WDW Moms Panel. I met Kaylene J. and Chris G., who filled me in on SO many tips and ideas for what to do once we get there and how to do it with two small children. I really like what Chris said, "let the kids dictate when and where we go..." Makes so much sense to have the kids lead the way! So when they're tired (mommy too), we'll go back to our resort and nap. When they need a break, we'll head back to the hotel and swim. We have decided it's not going to be a GO-GO-GO trip where we must see everything.

I had NO idea about the Riders Switch Pass. If Emily and Daddy are on an amazing ride that she loves and I want a chance to experience it with her, I simply use the Riders Switch Pass. That way, I get to essentially cut the lines and "switch" roles with Daddy! No lines, no fuss and Em gets to ride that attraction twice! That, in combination with FASTPASS, should be a pretty good way to get around the Magic Kindgdom!

I also learned that I shouldn't give up hope on Disney dining! We still have a chance to eat at Chef Mickeys! I just need to go at a not-so-busy time and ask to see if we can get in! I was told the make-your-own-sundaes are NOT to be missed!

Kaylene gave me some amazing tips on what's on the calendar at Disney while we are there. The SpectroMagic Parade is definitely on the hit list, as well as Wishes Nighttime Spectacular! I'm getting so excited thinking about all the fun we're going to have.

Not much time left to prepare. So we've got a little over a week to pack, plan our route and do some more research! Thank you so much Chris and Kaylene for all your help today-it was great to meet you both!


Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010

The Easter Bunny left some pretty good loot!

And then we were off to mass...

There was an egg hunt...

"Is there anything on my face?"

"Cuz I think you have some chocolate on your face."

"We're still super cute though."

An incredibly fun Easter...
That we wish didn't have to end!


Saturday, April 03, 2010

27 weeks

I've been such a slacker. I've heard it happens with #2 and beyond. I used to love my weekly poses on Beach St. from about week 8 and onward with Emily. With Aidan I was still pretty good, starting later, maybe around 18 weeks with some major gaps. Well, today I finally asked Daddy if he would take a couple "belly shots." About time, right?
No, that's not the baby's large hand falling out of my belly in the background!

I feel like a house. Feeling good overall, but sleeping is getting more difficult and getting up to pee in the middle of the night is getting really old. Emily felt a few good kicks from her brother (the one inside) at bedtime and she was SO excited about it. Then she said, "I'm gonna give him a kiss." Very cute. She's obsessed with the amount of sleeps involved in upcoming events such as, until Nana comes home, Easter, Disney. So tonight she wanted to know how many sleeps until the baby comes. We're all getting excited . When I told her about 87 sleeps, she wasn't too pleased. Then she asked, "how many sleeps until there's only 3 more sleeps?" Whoa, getting complicated. I told her, "about 84." "Ooooohhhhhhh, what season will it be? THAT IS TOO MANY!" Thank GOD the Easter Bunny is coming tonight-our saving grace!

Oh, and the Jaycees put on an Egg Hunt on the common last Saturday morning. What a difference a week makes in terms of weather around these parts. Someone made the front page of the Reporter, which I have yet to see. But it just may be this one...can anyone Spot some Stows?


Friday, April 02, 2010

Runnin' Hugs