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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Everyone Needs One of These!

Dear friend Katie sure was right! She was telling me about this pineapple slicer she got at the Williams-Sonoma Outlet last week. She said it was super amazing, you just cut the top off, stick the slicer on top and twist! It cuts a perfect spiral! Fresh pineapple in minutes without a big mess! And then you have a beautiful pineapple mug to put fancy drinks in when you are not pregnant! And the best part of all, pineapple is supposed to naturally induce labor. We'll see. Let them eat pineapple! Thank you, Katie!!!! And thank you Rita, fellow reading specialist/gadget queen who works at the outlet and got us all one for just $5.00!!!!!! YUM!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

34 weeks, 3 days

I had a follow up ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine yesterday at Newton Wellesley Hospital for little guy's renal pylectasis we are keeping an eye on. One kidney is totally fine and one has 7mm. of fluid-not too much of a big deal, very common in boys and usually clears itself right up after birth. The only thing he may need after birth is his own ultrasound to have it checked out.

It was great to see him again. He was moving all around like a beast, as usual. The tech said, "so who has the big head?" I blamed daddy. After the tech left the room, I was left staring at a screen with all these letters and measurements. The one that caught my eye said, "HC 40W4D". Another said, "FL 38W1D" and another was "ABD 37W4D" So nothing stating 34 weeks. YIKES! So Dr. Economy walked in and I said, "Does HC stand for HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE" She said, "Yes." I said, "WHOA. How am I going to get him out?" She said, "There's a lot of variation in these measurements, let's see what I get-but she got just about the same thing-maybe took 2 small days off the head circumference! Then came the usual questions, "How big were your other babies, etc". "So, you don't make small babies, this one will probably take the cake, we could induce a week early, etc" SCARY!!!!! So we left it like this, "See you again in 4 weeks to make a plan for after little guy's birth if you are still pregnant then."

So then, up I went to see Dr. Beatty. Told him my baby's estimated weight is already 7lbs. 2 oz. and he asked the same questions. He felt my belly and said, "Yes, he's big. You must feel more like someone who is 37 weeks." He said big babies tend to slow down growth at the end and little babies do a lot of catching up....hmmm. Then he got into how it takes a bit longer for boys' lungs to mature and he really isn't out of the woods in the lung dept. until 37 weeks. Ok, let's let him cook some more, but let's not let him cook until 40 weeks. 37 sounds great, doesn't it? Anyway, here he is. He has some honkin' cheeks. Can't wait until he's here!!! I hope he's listening to my plan for him. YOU ARE NOT COOKING UNTIL JULY 2nd, SORRY TOOTSE.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

We've Got a New Friend

Our good friends, Mary and Paul, welcomed their second son this past week on May 19, 2010. Rowan James Garvey weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. What a cute little guy!

Why is it that newborn babies always seem smaller and smaller? TINY! What a good baby he is too-so mellow and calm. He didn't make a peep the whole time we were there! And Mary, wow! So calm and relaxed and looking good! Way to go guys. And congrats to big brother Lochlan!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Traverse Saves the Day

Aidan and I sat in the grass yesterday afternoon watching the beautiful bride next door pose for pictures with her family and bridesmaids. BEAUTIFUL! We waved, we watched, we told them how gorgeous they all looked! Aidan was very impressed with the "fancy car" that drove them all away...well, almost ALL of them.

After we waved goodbye to the fancy car, about 5 mins. later, Mother-of-the-Bride stepped out of the house with her hands in the air and was yelling something to us on the driveway. I couldn't quite make it out AND I didn't put 2 and 2 together. Why was she still home and where had everyone gone?

"They left without me!" Mother-of-the-Bride was laughing and totally under control. Aidan and I hopped in the Traverse and drove (fast) to St. Mary's. When we pulled up she requested I BEEP really loud so that they could all see. HILARIOUS. But actually, not too many of the wedding party had even noticed! She looked glamorous, however, and I wish I had the time to take some pictures. But we saved the day. Mother-of-the Bride made it to the church on time! Thank heavens we were home!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Follow Me?

Hi There Friends!

So, many of you mommies are having fun following me around on WCVB and here on the blog. Now it's time to REALLY start following me. You can become a follower by clicking the FOLLOW button over there -------> If you do, "YOU CAN BE A WINNER TOO!!" Just do it, start following me. It's sure to work out!

Speaking of becoming a winner...have you seen the latest and greatest Traverse Travels commercial on WCVB? You will receive a $25 SpaFinder gift card just for test driving a 2010 Chevy Traverse!!!! Isn't that awesome? The good weather is here, so you need to make that appointment for your manicure and pedicure! Put $25 towards it after test driving the Traverse! I promise, you'll love it! Then you can tell me what you thought of the test drive, right here on the blog! You won't be let down, mommies! It's an amazing ride, I promise!

So, all you have to do is this:

1) Start following my blog

2) Go to your local Chevy Dealer and test drive a 2010 Chevy Traverse-tell them Annie sent you!

3) Take home your $25.00 SpaFinder gift card!

Isn't that easy? Looking forward to hearing how the drive went! You'll LOVE it! Oh, and the Dads will LOVE it too!

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Nursery Help!


Ok, here is the new wall color for baby boy Stow! Benjamin Moore white satin looks so classy, doesn't it? So what color furniture? I'm having a coronary! One minute, I'm saying dark brown, the next it's definitely WHITE! Gonna pull in red and navy as the accent colors! Crib skirt is red and sheet is red or blue. What would you do?

Here is the set (I have a different skirt) on a dark brown crib.....

Looks awesome with the dark brown, doesn't it? But the room is VERY small-doesn't even have a closet! So would dark brown furniture overpower the whole room? I ask for advice and I'm hearing white, brown, white, brown! You guys don't even know what to do! I do agree, that the brown stuff would grow WITH him-use it all again when A and O are in the same bedroom one day in bunks. But white would be so clean and crisp and fresh. I am ordering a RED gingham crib sheet and a NAVY gingham crib sheet from PBK to finish off the bedding. No quilt since there's not even room for my glider and ottoman in this room! That'll be in mommy's room for awhile! A big thank you to my sister, Kathy, for passing down the adorable bumper and bed skirt. I just LOVE it!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Latest Commercial - Drive to Disney

For those of you who haven't seen it's the latest commercial that recently aired:

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Monday, May 03, 2010

31 Weeks and Counting!

So what would you do?

Move the big brother (he'll be 2 in July) into a new room since his current room is baby ready with all the accoutrements, such as changing table, glider/ottoman, etc? Big brother does NOT climb, sleeps like a dream and is a really easy going baby. Move him with his crib and get a new one for baby #3? Or move him into a toddler bed now? I am leaning toward getting another crib for the new baby and moving Aidan into a new room with his crib...why mess with a good thing, right? Besides, Em never even used a toddler bed-she went straight to a big girl bed at 2.6

So then comes decorating the big boy room! I'm thinking of a warm mocha/beige color on the walls. I have been looking on craigslist for a nice tall 5 drawer dresser, but haven't had any luck as of yet. It's a much smaller bedroom-can't fit much more besides a dresser and a crib. Then I would tie in some bold reds and blues to make it look like a big guy's room. Thoughts?

Some have told me to put them together in the same room. I think I will eventually, but not just yet. I remember what is to come-the hungry cry, the midnight blowouts that require lots of lights, spitting up and lots of time spent in the glider. OH, what fun! I should be more accepting of my long nights of tossing and turning with dear friend, TUMS. It'll soon be a distant memory.

I've started buying again. I got some adorable little man outfits from T.J. Maxx today and I cannot WAIT to dig out all the newborn stuff and get it washed and ready to go. That's why I need to figure out this room situation. It's driving me mad. But isn't this just the cutest bassinet you've ever seen? I really would love to get it! But then I remember that Chris and I like to put our babies in their cribs the first week they are home. Maybe that's why we have such amazing sleepers each time. But it is SO adorable!

Ok, opinions and advice please. What would you do? Move the bigger guy, right? Check out this nursery!? How do these people do it? I wish I had it in me. Let me go grab my TUMS.